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Fichtner is one of the world's leading independent engineering consultancy firms. Founded in 1922, the group has over 2,000 staff, delivering technical advisory and project management services in more than 100 countries.
We are entirely independent; owned by the Fichtner family and company employees. By choice we are a pure engineering consultancy, exclusively focused on providing impartial services in the best interests of our clients and their projects, without influence by the equipment supply or contracting industries.
Fichtner has been operating in the UK since 1991, with a strong track record built on the core principles of quality, engineering excellence, integrity and community.

Fichtner offers a unique combination of technical, contractual and financial skills, with a core expertise in process, combustion and thermal cycle engineering. We have a proven capability of identifying, mitigating and managing the risks associated with complex process and power generation projects.


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